Notes from the grape harvest in Italy

Posted in Vino Vino Austin on August 24, 2015 by Do Bianchi

grape harvest italy 2015.jpg

Here at Vino Vino, we love Italian wine. And so every year, we follow the Italian grape harvest very closely.

Back in July, Italy had a heatwave that rivaled Texas summer temperatures! Many were concerned that the grapes were ripening too fast and too hot.

But the high temperatures finally broke last week and it rained plentifully, giving the fruit just what it needed during the last phase of the growing cycle.

Now most winemakers are resting easy and saying that 2015 is turning out to be a good to great vintage. And that’s good news for Italian wine lovers like us!

Just feast your eyes on those sexy Chardonnay grapes being harvested in northern Italy for the production of sparkling wine. Chardonnay is always the first to be picked. But in just a few weeks they’ll begin picking Sangiovese and Nebbiolo, too.

Looking good, baby!


Posted in Vino Vino Austin on August 18, 2015 by Do Bianchi

Cubano Viejo – 12
cuban style rum | sherry | orange curacao | apple bitters
Barrel aged, served neat. A delightful aperitif.

Cubano Viejo Daiquiri– 12
our barrel aged aperitif shaken with fresh apples and topped with cider.
Bright and Refreshing!

Agave Old Fashioned – 12
silver tequila | smoky mescal | honey | bitters
served on the rock, the old fashioned way

Scottish Alps – 12
blended scotch | campari | genepy des alps | bitters
stirred, bold and boozy

Margarita Perfecta – 10
silver tequila | fresh lime | honey | orange bitters
simple. refreshing. perfect.

Strawberry Blonde – 10

gin | sweet and dry vermouths | honey | lemon | pink bubbles
by our friends at the Midnight Cowboy

Pain Killer – 10
Jamaican rum| coconut| pineapple| all spice
a classic tiki cocktail

Martini Svegliati – 8
espresso | fernet | menta
sweet on request

☻denotes $2 off 3-7pm mon-fri
5:30-7pm saturdays

best cocktails austin campus

The new dining room at Al Fico…

Posted in Vino Vino Austin on August 13, 2015 by Do Bianchi

al fico dining room opening date

We just posted a few photos of the NEW DINING ROOM at Al Fico over on the Al Fico blog.

Check them out here.

One of the most exciting design elements is the original analog photography by Austin-based artist and photographer Nils Juul-Hansen.

Read about it here.

Al Fico will be opening shortly. Stay tuned for updates on the Al Fico blog!

Meet Jessica Peterson: Vino Vino’s new chef!

Posted in Vino Vino Austin on August 4, 2015 by Do Bianchi

jessica patterson chef austin vino vino

Vino Vino has a new chef!

Here name is Jessica Peterson. She’s 30 years old and hails from Northern Wisconsin.

Before she and her fiancé, pro-hockey-player-turned-pastry-chef Steven Cak, decided to make Austin their home, she cooked in some of the coolest restaurants in Napa and New York City.

She’ll be making her debut at Vino Vino on Wednesday, August 12.

We recently sat down with her for a short interview and here’s what she had to say and share.

She’s super fun and super talented. Welcome, Jessica!

Where did you go to school? What did you study?

The Art Institutes International Minnesota, Minneapolis. Culinary Arts

When did you become interested in cooking?

My parents owned a bar/supper club when I was a kid. They didn’t really cook at home because there were always working, and my sister and I had to spend most of our time there at the restaurant. We had to wash dishes and help with prepping.

Both of my parents grew up on farms, so I spent a lot of my summers there. There were always home cooked meals, fresh from the gardens and orchards. I remember my grandmother cutting the heads off of chickens and having my sister and I go catch the running bodies. Then she would gut them and we had to pull the feathers off. None of that ever seemed gross to us. It was just part of life.

After school as a kid I would go home and watch the show “Great Chefs of the World” and “Cooking with Julia.” I preferred that over cartoons.

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The Flatbread, a Vino Vino classic

Posted in Vino Vino Austin on July 22, 2015 by Do Bianchi

best pizza austin texas

Above: flatbread, tomato conserva, fennel sausage,
basil, mozzarella, and grapes.

Please click here for our current menu.

A first peek at Al Fico, Austin’s soon-to-open Italian osteria

Posted in Vino Vino Austin on July 15, 2015 by Do Bianchi

best italian restaurant austin

Last week, Chef Clinton Bertrand of the soon-to-open Al Fico Osteria (our sister restaurant) previewed his menu here at Vino Vino.

Austin food blogger The Dishtance was there and here’s what she had to say about his cooking.

She was also impressed by Austin-based photographer Nils Juul-Hansen, who happened to sit at her table. His analog film images from a recent trip to Italy will be featured on the walls of the new restaurant. You can see a few of them here.

As the opening date approaches, we’ll be posting updates here and on the Al Fico blog as well. Stay tuned!

Lamb skewers rock our world

Posted in Vino Vino Austin on July 8, 2015 by Do Bianchi

yogurt lamb recipe austin

Lamb skewer, paprika, mint, yellow pepper yogurt.

Check out the complete menu here.


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