Welcome Formula 1 Race Fans!

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Come stop by Vino Vino for a drink after the races!

We are located in the heart of Austin on Guadalupe Street.



Below is some information about the Formula 1 Race


October 21 -23, 2016


9201 Circuit of The Americas Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78617
United States of America






Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant…… Vino Vino celebrates Kermit Lynch wines for the month of September

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“It is no exaggeration to say that a significant segment of the fine wine industry is stamped in
Mr. Lynch’s image.”
 –Eric Asimov, The New York Times
Since he opened his first store in Berkeley in 1972, Kermit Lynch has most assuredly changed
the American wine scene. To celebrate this legendary, pioneering importer we at Vino Vino are
featuring an all-Lynch by the glass program this month. These wines, made in traditional styles
with an emphasis on emphasizing terrior from France and Italy, are right up our alley. To
understand Mr. Lynch’s thinking on these types of producers and his relationship with them, we
highly suggest his wonderful book Adventures on the Wine Trail, winner of a James Beard
When asked by some of our guests where to find a similar wine to the one in the glass, we often
suggest to look at the back label when shopping. If you see the name Kermit Lynch, you know
you have a good bottle in front of you. To paraphrase the man himself, “I won’t sell it if I haven’t
tasted it.” Thank you, Mr. Lynch for all you have done to introduce America to fabulous wine.

Pop in for some Peppers

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Come in as summer comes to an end to taste some spectacular peppers stuffed with chèvre, preserved lemon, roasted in sauce romesco!

2014 Les Beaux Jours

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From Emile Balland in the Coteaux du Giennois in the Loire Valley, between Orleans and Sancerre, this Sauvignon Blanc comes ready to impress. Grown on limestone and clay, influenced by a continental climate, aged on the lees, this is most assuredly a wine for our summers here in the ATX. This is a talented young winemaker whose wines rarely–rarely!–leave France. We’re lucky to have it ready for you.

Technical Tasting Notes

Grown on 3 hectares on fourteen year-old vines, this wine comes out swinging with a pronounced crushed mineral quality. Beyond that, there’s an herbal undercurrent cut with lime zest, and what can only be described as ’round’ notes. On the palate, there is a crispness, medium acidity, with a lime-grapefruit feel, followed by a fairly full finish. This pairs well with our scallops, mussels and fries, tomato risotto, crab fritters, or, let’s be frank, by itself.

Another take…

Is it hot enough for ya? (Ok, enough with the cliche…get it together. We all know what summer is like in Austin. We’ll be fine.) This wine is 100% perfect for this time of year. Traffic getting you down? Stop in and have a glass. Couldn’t make a reservation for Hamilton pool? Stop in and have a glass. Tired of hearing others rave about their fab summers? Guess, what. Stop in and have a glass. We guarantee you will leave happier than when you entered. And that’s what we’re all about–just like this wine: Les Beaux Jours, i.e. the good days. And may they always be with you.

Notes from the Cellar

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img_04152015 Domaine du Salvard, Cheverny, Loire, France

Founded in 1898, this winery continues to thrive, with its 5th generation now at the helm. (by the way, that is the same year the Rough Riders left San Antone to run up San Juan Hill.) This wine is 55% pinot noir, 43% gamay, and 2% Cot (malbec), and 100% delicious. The average age of the vines, on this 42 hectare estate, is 21 years old and planted on clay-sand on the left bank of the Loire. The viticulture is semi-organic.

Technical tasting notes

At 13% abv, the wine shines with a beautiful light color. On the nose, cherry jumps out, along with earthy mushrooms, black licorice, and macerated strawberry. It’s bright, with a light body and a clove-cherry finish. The pinot and gamay give layers of fruit, while the cot gives a slight impression of backbone. This wine pairs swimmingly (see below) with charcuteries, sapore del piave, paski sir, and roast chicken.

Something else…

Here’s where we get weird: Ok, so we know summer in Austin is dang near inhospitable to humans. However, we got ya covered. There are many of us who still love our red wine as the the temps go to hot as ___(insert your own adjective or noun; our English teacher on site will approve). And yet, and yet, this is a red wine to get down with as the mercury rises. It’s shimmery, lithe, and as resplendent as that first dive into Barton Springs in mid-July. Come on in and try for yourself–you’ll be glad you did.

Bastille Day at Vino Vino!

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We miss you! Come on in today, it’s Bastille Day at Vino Vino! 

Let’s talk deals! We have 6 oysters and a glass of our Cremant de Limoux for only $14!

For any questions, please call (512) 465-9282

Notes from the Cellar

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To be honest, you will have to come to see the bottle. It will melt the summer away. Or, make these Austin summers bearable. Trust us. We crush them on our days off.

202014 Von Winning “Winnings” Riesling Pfalz, Germany


Founded in 1849, the Von Winning winery has been a pioneer in establishing the Pfalz region–Germany’s second-largest in terms of wine production–as a bastion of quality. The 2014 Winnings is sourced from three separate vineyards, all of which are farmed without the use of fertilizer, herbicide, or copper. This philosophy extends to the cellar, where the wines are allowed to age on lees in various sized oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

Immediately out of the glass, there is a prevalent mineral and petrol quality. Of the second, it should be noted that petrol is a typical note of certain quality Rieslings. Additionally, apricot and white peach come through, trailed by white flowers.

On the palate, everything changes–i.e. you don’t taste gasoline. the fruit and flower are there, along with the minerality. Lighter in body, with a refreshing acidity, and low in alcohol (10.5%), this is a wonderful wine for summer in Austin. It pairs well with our baked ricotta, smoked trout salad, and seared scallops.

Tasting Notes of a…different sort

Ok, we need to have a talk….it’s relatively simple–not all Rieslings are sweet. Far from it. The Winnings is dry, like so many others. Curse you, Blue Nun for forever altering so many people’s palates and perceptions.

Here are two reasons we love this wine: 1. the nose is somewhat contradictory to the taste, in a great way. It’s a fantastic surprise to watch someone get delighted and excited all at the same time.

2. Wow! What a versatile wine for pairing with food, or to drink on its own, especially with the low ABV, as it could be a perfect apertivo.

3. Bonus reason! It’s the summer of Riesling! This crisp, bracing wine is the perfect antidote for our summer weather and the interminable traffic. Come in and cool off, both literally and figuratively. Trust us, this one lives up to its name.

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