vino vino


burrata, fig mostarda, pecans, herb salad  12.
white bean hummus, preserved lemon, fried garlic, urfa chili  10.
house cut fries, ketchup, aioli  6.
crab fritter, sweet corn, pepper jelly, chives  9.
marinated olives, fennel seed, orange zest  6.
mixed nuts, arbol chili, rosemary  11.
stuffed peppers, goat cheese, sauce romesco, marcona almonds  10.


fried quail, grits, pickled watermelon, sunflower seeds  13.
grilled octopus, salsa pipian, eggplant, lime, cotija  13.
mussels and fries, white wine, tarragon, fries, aioli  14.
pork ribs, pickled peaches, cucumber salad, sesame seeds  8.
beef slider, brie, caramelized onion, pickles  6.
wedge salad, bacon, tomato, radish, buttermilk vinaigrette, bleu cheese 10.
arugula salad, charred sweet corn, green tomato, parmesan, avocado 10.


castelrosso, blackberry & rosemary jam 9.
pasteurized cow milk • semi firm • Italy
sapore del piave, spiced tomato preserves, olive oil, thyme 9.
pasteurized cow milk • firm • Italy
rillets de poullet,pickled cactus, toasted pepitas 9.
slow cooked chicken • spreadable • vino vino
pancetta tessa, plum, arugula, pecan  9.
dried pok belly, vino vino


gnocchi, sweet corn, summer squash, goat cheese, basil 23.
grilled salmon, nicoise, soft egg, green beans, tomoato, dijon 25.
beer brined pork chop, farro, roasted plum, arugula 27.
roasted chicken breast, piperade, crispy potato, basil puree 25.

brownie, cherry ice cream, toasted almond, magic shell 9.
pound cake, grilled peaches, whipped creme fraiche, lavender syrup 8.



espresso 3.
soda 3.
cappuccino 4.
latte  5.
pellegrino sparkling water, large  5.
pellegrino  sparkling water, small  3.


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