vino vino


charcuteries,  assorted preserves  16.
mussels & fries, white wine, tarragon, aioli  14.
watermelon salad, yogurt, sunflower seeds, watercress, crispy ham 11.
roasted shishito peppers, beer cheese, chimichurri, fried shallots 10.
crab fritter, sweet corn, pepper jelly, chives 9.
wedge salad, iceberg lettuce, house bacon, tomato, buttermilk vin, blue cheese 10.
squash salad, shaved and grilled, goat cheese, pepitas, mint, basil 11.
stone fruit toast, grilled bread, honey mascarpone, herbs, pancetta tessa 10.
beef slider, brie, caramelized onion, mustard  6.
pork ribs, pickled peaches, cucumber salad, sesame seed  7.
fries, house made ketchup, garlic aioli 6
marinated olives, orange zest, fennel seed  6.
mixed nuts, chili powder, brown sugar 5. 


tomato risotto, local tomatoes, parmesan, herb salad  22.
grilled pork chop, dirty black rice, field pea relish, chicharrons 27.
braised chicken thighs, chickpeas, mint, summer squash, cripsy okra 20.
grilled NY strip, zucchini gratin, manchego, smoked tomato “A2” sauce  30.
seared scallops, piperade, crispy potato, spanish chorizo, basil puree  28.


challerhocker, spicy pecans, peach pit jam 9.
pasteurized cow milk • creamy • switzerland
paški sir, dried fruit torchon 9.
raw sheep milk • crumbly • croatia
castelrosso, blackberry & rosemary jam 9.
pasteurized cow milk • semi firm • italy
sapore del piave, spiced tomato preserves, olive oil 9.
pasteurized cow milk • firm • italy

dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut crumble, caramelized banana 8.
goat cheese panna cotta, blackberry, lemon curd, basil 8.
pound cake, grilled peaches, whipped creme fraiche, lavender syrup 8.

drinks (sorry,no decaf, no tea,)

espresso 3.
soda 3.
cappuccino 4.
latte  5.
pellegrino sparkling water, large  5.
pellegrino  sparkling water, small  3.


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