vino vino


escargots, garlic butter, bread crumbs  12.
house cut fries, ketchup, aioli  6.
chickpea fries, brussels sprouts, romesco sauce  9.
marinated olives, fennel seed, orange zest  6.
mixed nuts, arbol chili, rosemary  11.
chicken liver mousse, brandied cherries 8.
roasted and chilled vegetables, cream cheese dip 9.


cru di capra, marinated grapes 9.
cana de oveja, texas honey, marcona almonds 9.
melted raclette, potatoes, cornichons 9.
baked brie, apples, pecans  12.


grilled quail, charred radicchio, salsa verde  14.
roasted marrow bones, herb salad, horseradish gremolata  20.
mussels and fries, white wine, tarragon, fries, aioli  14.
chicory salad, hazelnuts, marinated feta, orange, basalmico  12.
beef slider, brie, caramelized onion, pickles  6.
wedge salad, bacon, grapes, radish, buttermilk vinaigrette, bleu cheese 10.
crispy chicken confit, shells and cheese 14.


gnocchi arrabiatta 18.
bouillabaisse,pouttanesca seafood, crispy potatoes, aioli 27.
grilled pork chop, mustard greens, mashed potatoes, ham butter 27.
chicken breast, polenta, cacciatore sauce 25.
steak frites, green peppercorn butter, field greens  26.

chocolate mousse, walnuts, whipped cream  9.
goat cheese cheesecakeorange, basil, hazelnut  9.
crème brulee, cookies  9.



espresso 3.
soda 3.
cappuccino 4.
latte  5.
pellegrino sparkling water, large  5.
pellegrino  sparkling water, small  3.

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