Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant…… Vino Vino celebrates Kermit Lynch wines for the month of September

“It is no exaggeration to say that a significant segment of the fine wine industry is stamped in
Mr. Lynch’s image.”
 –Eric Asimov, The New York Times
Since he opened his first store in Berkeley in 1972, Kermit Lynch has most assuredly changed
the American wine scene. To celebrate this legendary, pioneering importer we at Vino Vino are
featuring an all-Lynch by the glass program this month. These wines, made in traditional styles
with an emphasis on emphasizing terrior from France and Italy, are right up our alley. To
understand Mr. Lynch’s thinking on these types of producers and his relationship with them, we
highly suggest his wonderful book Adventures on the Wine Trail, winner of a James Beard
When asked by some of our guests where to find a similar wine to the one in the glass, we often
suggest to look at the back label when shopping. If you see the name Kermit Lynch, you know
you have a good bottle in front of you. To paraphrase the man himself, “I won’t sell it if I haven’t
tasted it.” Thank you, Mr. Lynch for all you have done to introduce America to fabulous wine.

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