2014 Les Beaux Jours

From Emile Balland in the Coteaux du Giennois in the Loire Valley, between Orleans and Sancerre, this Sauvignon Blanc comes ready to impress. Grown on limestone and clay, influenced by a continental climate, aged on the lees, this is most assuredly a wine for our summers here in the ATX. This is a talented young winemaker whose wines rarely–rarely!–leave France. We’re lucky to have it ready for you.

Technical Tasting Notes

Grown on 3 hectares on fourteen year-old vines, this wine comes out swinging with a pronounced crushed mineral quality. Beyond that, there’s an herbal undercurrent cut with lime zest, and what can only be described as ’round’ notes. On the palate, there is a crispness, medium acidity, with a lime-grapefruit feel, followed by a fairly full finish. This pairs well with our scallops, mussels and fries, tomato risotto, crab fritters, or, let’s be frank, by itself.

Another take…

Is it hot enough for ya? (Ok, enough with the cliche…get it together. We all know what summer is like in Austin. We’ll be fine.) This wine is 100% perfect for this time of year. Traffic getting you down? Stop in and have a glass. Couldn’t make a reservation for Hamilton pool? Stop in and have a glass. Tired of hearing others rave about their fab summers? Guess, what. Stop in and have a glass. We guarantee you will leave happier than when you entered. And that’s what we’re all about–just like this wine: Les Beaux Jours, i.e. the good days. And may they always be with you.

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