Unfiltered wine? Crunchy, salty, and sexy…

unfiltered wine color

One of our guests’ (and staff’s) current favorite wines by-the-glass is the Negro unfiltered Arneis (in the photo, above).

What does it mean when a wine is unfiltered?

Wine is made by fermenting grape juice.

Fermentation occurs when yeast (microorganisms) consume and turn sugar into alcohol.

Once the yeast has consumed all the natural grape sugar into alcohol, it dies and becomes what they call “lees” in the wine trade.

Before a winemaker bottles her/his wine, she/he generally filters the wine to remove the lees and any other solids that may have not already been removed (like bits of the grape skins, for example).

It wasn’t that long ago that winemakers didn’t have the technology to easily filter their wines.

Today, they do.

But in the case of this unfiltered (and cloudy) Arneis (the grape variety) from Piedmont, the winemaker has bottled the wine without filtration.

As a result, this super old-school expression of Arneis is slightly crunch and salty. And its flavor is rich while it still retains the classic freshness and vibrant fruit that Arneis should always deliver.

Pretty friggin’ sexy if you ask us!

Here’s our current by-the-glass list.

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