Cubano Viejo – 12
cuban style rum | sherry | orange curacao | apple bitters
Barrel aged, served neat. A delightful aperitif.

Cubano Viejo Daiquiri– 12
our barrel aged aperitif shaken with fresh apples and topped with cider.
Bright and Refreshing!

Agave Old Fashioned – 12
silver tequila | smoky mescal | honey | bitters
served on the rock, the old fashioned way

Scottish Alps – 12
blended scotch | campari | genepy des alps | bitters
stirred, bold and boozy

Margarita Perfecta – 10
silver tequila | fresh lime | honey | orange bitters
simple. refreshing. perfect.

Strawberry Blonde – 10

gin | sweet and dry vermouths | honey | lemon | pink bubbles
by our friends at the Midnight Cowboy

Pain Killer – 10
Jamaican rum| coconut| pineapple| all spice
a classic tiki cocktail

Martini Svegliati – 8
espresso | fernet | menta
sweet on request

☻denotes $2 off 3-7pm mon-fri
5:30-7pm saturdays

best cocktails austin campus

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