A favorite Sauvignon Blanc for Summer…

domaine salvard unique

Summer is upon and we’ve been digging our rosé.

But that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped loving on our favorite white wines, like the 2013 Domaine du Salvard Unique (above), a 100 percent Sauvignon Blanc from one of our favorite producers, the Delaille brothers, in the Loire Valley of France (and imported by one of our favorite wine merchants, Kermit Lynch, out of Berkeley, California).

Domaine du Salvard is a family-run outfit that makes wine in Cheverny, a village and appellation that may not be as famous as its sister Loire Valley appellation Sancerre (where they also make some kick-ass Sauvignon Blanc) but one of our favorites because its freshness and nuance.

Where great Sancerre tends to be dominated by mineral notes, Sauvignon Blanc from Cheverny can be more elegant, more fruit-driven, and less austere. That’s just one of the reasons we like it so much for summer.

We’re currently serving it by-the-glass at Vino Vino.

Please click here for our current by-the-glass wine list.

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