Snooty old French wine critics love it!

bettane desseauve

See those stuffy old French dudes, above? They’re Desseauve and Bettane (from left), leading wine critics in France and major snobs when it comes to fine wine tasting.

These guys are pretty damn tough to please and they never hesitate to slam a wine that they don’t like.

And you know what they said recently about Domaine Gayda?

“A must-have wine,” they wrote in the most recent edition of their do-or-die annual guide to the wines of France, a “coup de coeur.”

Seems these snooty old men actually do know something about wine, after all!

Domaine Gayda owner and founder Tim Ford will be joining us Wednesday, February 4. Details follow.

featuring the wines of
Domaine Gayda
(Languedoc, France)

With guest presenter Tim Ford (winery owner).

Wednesday, February 4
7:00 p.m.
three wines – four courses
$75 per person
not including tax & gratuity

please call (512) 465-9282 to reserve

We will be featuring:

– Figure Libre Freestyle White blend
– Figure Libre Freestyle Cabernet Franc
– Chemin de Mosmou Red Blend

Domaine Gayda has a passion for the traditional cépages grown across the many diverse soils and climates of the winery’s vineyards situated throughout the Languedoc, giving “Provenance” to all our wines.

While the grapes are rooted in tradition, the winery itself is all about the new, with investments in all the latest equipment and technology.

The winery’s “quest towards an organic viticulture is driven by our respect for the natural environment and to offer a wine of outstanding quality.”

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