A new Vino Vino classic: Duck Ham

Please click here for Chef Marco’s current menu.

And don’t forget: Saturday Happy Hour TOMORROW!

Below: Duck ham, glazed root vegetables, swiss chard, cider jus.

duck ham recipe austin

2 Responses to “A new Vino Vino classic: Duck Ham”

  1. Good afternoon,

    I had a few questions about ingredients in regards to my allergy. I am allergic to corn. There are 2 dishes I am hoping you can give me feedback on as I am looking for a place to dine next week.

    The Wagyu flatiron meal: is the beef grass fed? Feel free to give me the ranch you get it form and I can research.
    What other ingredients, seasonings on steak are there?

    For the carbonara os the tagliatelle made with durham wheat semolina or is it semolina (not specified it is usually corn) Also, the eggs you use, what farm? Unless you know if they are pasture raised chickens.

    I cannot eat corn fed meat/egg products.
    Also, what is in your garlic vinaigrette ?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

    • Bronwyn, I’ll make sure that your message comes to the attention of a manager. I’m sure someone from the restaurant will reach out to you shortly. Thanks for your interest in Vino Vino.

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