The Vino Vino #1 Slider an Austin classic


best slider austin texas

#1 wagyu beef slider, aged vermont cheddar, butter leaf, pickled onions, mustard β€” so simple, so good.

It’s been great to watch Chef Marco expand his menu and show off his chops in the kitchen.

But there are still a few of his Vino Vino classics, like the #1 slider (above), that we hope will never go away.

As Chef Marco will tell you, it’s the quality of the ingredients, like the wagyu beef and aged cheddar, that really makes this dish stand out.

It’s one of our guests’ favorites and one of ours, too!

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  1. […] The 2006 Sassella Stella Retica (above) was the highlight in the flight that was poured for me at Vino Vino, my client and the best little wine bar in the Texas […]

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