We love rosé so much…

That we drink it all year round…

Currently by the glass at Vino Vino: Zestos, Spanish rosé from Garnacha grapes.

zestos garnacha rose wine

A note on the wine from the importer:

“Zestos old vine is produced from Garnacha vines that were planted in 1969 in The high elevation vineyards of San Martin Valdeiglesias – northwest of Madrid. Today San Martin produces among the most floral and mineral Garnachas in all of Spain. The older the vines the better the wine. Old vines do not over produced. As a result the vines yield fully ripen grapes. Perfectly ripen grapes make wines that improve with time. ‘Zestos’ means ‘basket’ in English. Not too many years ago, baskets like the ones depicted on the label were use to transport grapes from the vineyard to the wineries. Madrid has recently become the center of one of the most interesting and innovative wine regions on the Iberian Peninsula. For example, 90% of Vinos de Madrid DO wines are made from organically grown grapes. The outskirts of this storied royal city are filled with old vines Garnacha situated in high elevation vineyards that have been planted in ideal soils. Madrid is a sort of ‘great unknown’ that is now just freshly discovered. Most consumers are unaware that Madrid makes wine and because Vinos de Madrid is not yet ‘on the radar’ of wine consumers, it is a great source of incredible values today.”

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