bbq oysters

We’ll begin serving bbq oysters at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, $10 a half dozen, $15 dozen, until they run out! Image via Crave DFW.

Monday night at Vino Vino we’ll be celebrating National Oyster Day (yes, everything has its own “day” these days, even oysters) by BBQ-ing some Gulf Oyster beauties.

The prep is as easy as it is delicious: you simply shuck the oysters and put them back in the shell and throw on to the grill. You don’t even need to add salt: the oyster’s natural saltiness is the perfect seasoning.

Then you top with some seasoned compound butter and a little bit a grated cheese et voilĂ ! It’s almost as good as sex…

Of course, we’ll be pairing the oysters with the ultimate classic wine for oysters, Muscadet from the west coast of France, where no oyster is slurped without a glass of de rigueur Muscadet.

Be sure to get there early! These oysters will go fast!

muscadet pairing oysters

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