What is “biodynamic wine” anyway? Organic? Natural?

biodynamic wine austin

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you navigate the terms organic, biodyanmic, and natural when it comes to their use with wine labeling and marketing.

ORGANIC: basically, this means that the grapes have been grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Strict certification standards are closely monitored by U.S. and EU officials. Click here for a note on how “organic certification” is regulated by EU authorities.

BIODYNAMICS: Biodynamic is organic farming conducted on farmland that has been purged of chemical residue (organic farming does not require that the farmland be purged; it only dictates that chemicals may not be used). Biodynamic famers also pay close attention to the cycles of the moon and how they affect the vegetative cycle. In the U.S., biodynamic farming has lost its spiritual element. But in Europe, biodynamic farmers see their farming practices as an expression of their spiritualism. Biodnyamic certification is closely supervised and can be obtained only through the Demeter association (note the Demeter trademark at the top of the bottle above). Check out the Demeter site: it’s pretty cool and helps readers to understand why it’s so important for our future as humans.

NATURAL: There is no official association of natural grape growers that regulates the use of the term natural in labeling. Natural winemakers are de facto organic growers because they advocate chemical-free farming. Many are biodynamic. And while there is no official creed shared among “natural” winemakers, they mostly agree that natural wine is the product of: chemical-free farming, native (as opposed to laboratory generated) yeast in fermentation, and minimal intervention in the winemaking process.

O and that bottle up above?

It’s a super-groovy, minerality- and acidity-driven Gavi (Cortese grape) from a Demeter-certified winery in Piedmont that we really dig…

It’s awesome and it’s currently by the glass at Vino Vino…

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