Who says the French don’t have a sense of humor?

arrogant frog wine

Above: One of Domaines Paul Mas’ wines is called “the Arrogant Frog.” Who says that the French don’t have a sense of humor?

“I call this wine Arrogant Frog, because in the past, the French have for many years considered non French wines as inferior to ours.”

These are the words of Domaines Paul Mas owner Jean-Claude Mas, who created this unmistakable label and brand in a flash of self-effacing humor.

“Our myopia has opened the door to New World Wines which are more focused on what the consumer likes. In the past French winemakers were more focused on what they liked themselves. The result is that consumers have turned to the non French. I dared to call this wine ARROGANT Frog, because I agree we are ARROGANT, I agree that we eat Frogs’ legs BUT I make wines to be enjoyed by the consumer and I LIKE THEM TOO!”

So who says the French don’t have a sense of humor?

Domaines Paul Mas winemaker Bastien La Luze will be joining us tomorrow evening for the next event in our winemaker dinner series.

Please call (512) 465-9282 to reserve.

Details below…

The Wines of Domaines Paul Mas
with winemaker
Bastien La Luze

Tuesday, July 9, 6:30 p.m.
$75 per person
not including tax & gratuity

Please call (512) 465-9282 to reserve.

From the Domaines Paul Mas website:

Domaines Paul Mas are one of the main Estates in the South of France. The Mas family has been cultivating grapes in Languedoc since 1892 and in the year 2000, Jean-Claude Mas, owner and winemaker, created Domaines Paul Mas, with the 35 ha (86 acres) he inherited from his father, Paul Mas. Domaines Paul Mas is a gateway to the universe of Rural Luxury. While respecting our rural roots and preserving our environment, we highlight our exceptional and diverse terroirs, we craft our wines with creativity, authenticity, and refinement, with the goal of making great wines that will give you a unique moment, rich in emotions: this is real luxury! Domaines Paul Mas is made up of 320 hectares (790 acres) of owned vineyards, to which we can add 800 ha (1976 acres) of contracted vineyards. We work with more than 30 different grape varieties, both native and noble, and a fantastic diversity of terroirs, in the Languedoc region.

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