New fall cocktail menu at Vino Vino!

Check out our new cocktail menu for fall! Brian Elder and team Vino Vino wish to tempt you with the classics, old and new…

fall classics

tipperary cocktail jameson, chartreuse, & carpano $10

straight law old raj gin, la garrocha fino $12

old fashioned neisson riserva rhum, citrus, angostura $15

apple jack calvados, perucchi, chinese bitters $10


i.b.f. pick me up prosecco, fernet, gran marnier, landy’s $9

negroni spumante london dry, campari, carpano, prosecco $9

bartlett pear prosecco, pear william, perucchi $9

amaro, amore

montenegro reposado amaro montenegro, tequila ocho $10

nardini & rye nardini bassano & old overholt $9

leopoldo nonino amaro nonino & leopold’s navy strength $10

amari : fernet branca, branca menta, cardamaro, cynar, nardini bassano, montenegro, nonino, zucca

* please consult your server for favored pairings.

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