Vino Vino named one of “best wine bars” in the US by

Photo by Holly Reed.

“Wine people are easy to pick on; I get it,” writes wine writer and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, Talia Baiocchi. “Sometimes we ask for it. But the notion that we are all weird nerds who only want to talk about malolactic fermentation and listen to bad music at really lame wine bars with wine-themed décor, crappy cheese plates, and bad lighting — is a stereotype, and a stale one at best…”

“The best wine bars across the country have managed to a lasso a counterculture of drinkers who are open and interested in wine; they’ve become a bigger part of the urban drinking life as a result. And new wine bars are seeing the opportunity to build on what these places have achieved in different ways.”

Click here to read Talia’s take on wine bars in the U.S. today and her list of the top 18 wine bars in the country, including — yup, you guessed it — Vino Vino…

2 Responses to “Vino Vino named one of “best wine bars” in the US by”

  1. JoAnna Says:

    Glad to find you from the fabulous Quality Seafood site. We will be there Sunday at 7 for seafood paella!

  2. tracie p Says:

    i agree!

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