Wine of the Week: JCB 69 Sparkling Rosè cc @BigMentoring

This year’s PINK FEST (Saturday May 12) is a great way to celebrate
Mother’s Day (Sunday May 13) and 10% of the door proceeds
will be donated to Central Texas Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Click here for details!

In honor of our impending Pink Fest, we decided to highlight another rose – the sparkling kind. Who out there does not LOVE bubbles? And when they’re pink you cannot help but smile.

Right now Vino Vino is excited about Jean-Charles Boisset ’69 Cremant de Bourgogne. Made in the traditional method, this wine is a pure expression of the effervescent side of Pinot Noir.

The bubbles deliver the first toasty notes to your nose, while cherries and raspberries deliver the goods to the palate.

We LOVE this wine with our Calamari. Sparkling wine is always good with anything fried, and we know that anything fried is always good. The tactile sensation of those tiny bubbles help to sweep away yummy bits of fried goodness, leaving your palate ready for another sip of wine, then another bite of food. It’s a happy cycle.

So come and get your happy on today at Vino Vino.

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