Wine of the Week: a great Chenin Blanc from South Africa

While the heart of Vino Vino lies in the vineyards of the Old World, every now and then a New World bottle comes along and knocks our eno-socks off.

Secateurs Chenin Blanc by the Badenhorst Family Winery is as groovy as they come. Produced by a family of South African hippies, this wine is stunning. The Chenin Blanc is produced biodynamically (always scores points with Vino Vino) from 50+ year-old vines. It’s fermented and aged in a combination of concrete vats and neutral oak barrels to maintain and display the natural characteristics of this grape variety.

Chenin Blanc is a rising star in the South African export market, but producers like the Badenhorst Family have been wise to its affinity to the local soil for a long time. This dry white boasts an incredible acidity propped up by fruit blossoms, stone fruit, and a savory minerality — just perfect for warm Spring happy hours here in Austin.

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