Jeff’s Wine Pick: Gianni Gagliardo Roero (slightly sparkling) Favorita Fallegro

crisp, fresh, lightly sparkling white wine
from Piedmont, Italy…

currently served by the glass at Vino Vino…

The River City’s been blessed with some nice weather lately (especially if you like it on the chilly side) but here at Vino Vino, we’re already thinking about the spring and warmer temperatures. And that means we’re craving crisp, fresh, thirst-quenching white wines.

Piedmontese wines are always well represented on our list but we know there’s more to life than just Nebbiolo and Barbera (grapes we love). Even though Piedmont is more famous for its red wine production, it also makes some of our favorite whites, like this Gianni Giagliardo Roero Favorita “Fallegro” made with 100% Favorita (Vermentino) grapes in the foothills of the Italian Alps (the pie or foot of the monte or mountain).

What particularly turned us on about this groovy little wine was it has just a kiss of bubbles… leggermente frizzante, as the Italians like to say (doesn’t that make you feel sexy when you say it? le-jehr-MEHN-teh free-TZAHN-teh…).

Gianni Gagliardo is one of Italy’s greatest winemakers (famous for his legendary Barolo) but he’s done a smashing job with this bright, light expression of the northern Mediterranean. Perfect for seafood and warmer weather at Vino Vino…

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