Safoodnazi on Vino Vino: “absolutely perfect”

Here’s what food and wine blogger Safoodnazi had to report about a recent visit to Vino Vino with her husband, “the sommelier”:

After some playtime with Rheagan at a local park, the sommelier and I headed up to North campus to completely involve ourselves in the nectar of the vine. Of all the places in Austin that the sommelier and I could have headed to at four in the afternoon for a glass of wine, Vino Vino was absolutely perfect. As soon as we walked in, I could tell this space was special. The entire left side of the wall was lined with wine, with a large variety of Old World styles, which always capture my heart. As we walked across the floor, the boards gave under my weight just slightly, noticed their beauty, and could instantly see the heritage in their placement. We later found out that the owner, Jeff Courington, bought them from an old dance hall from some small town deep in the Texas countryside, restored them, and placed them here in his wine lounge. He even recycled an original long bar. There’s nothing I love more than true Texas history. And here we were, surrounded by old world wines and Texas pine.

Click here to find out what they drank!

Thank you, Safoodnazi, for your thoughtful post! Come and see us anytime!

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