Jeff’s Wine Pick: Côtes du Rhône blended by the legendary Kermit Lynch

Please note that Vino Vino will be closed all day on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5.

Anyone who’s ever dined at Vino Vino or who’s tasted with wine director and owner Jeff Courington knows that Jeff is a certified Rhône freak: he just loves the meaty, earthy style and bright acidity of these wines and the reds are always a go-to when he’s looking for a pairing with the second courses on our menu.

Many of the Rhône wines that make it on to Jeff’s list are imported by wine industry legend, Kermit Lynch, who was among the first to champion unfiltered wines from the Rhône back in the 1970s before the style was popular. In Jeff’s view, if you filter a wine like this, you’re essentially bottling only half of the wine. In fact, one of the things that makes the wines of the Rhône so unique is their chewy mouthfeel — a meal in a glass!

Here’s what the folks at Kermit Lynch’s Berkeley, CA outpost have to say about his personally blended Côtes du Rhône:

The growing success we have enjoyed over the last three vintages is proof enough that the KL Côtes du Rhône fits both the taste profile and quality standards that our customers have come to expect. Since 1929, this winery has been bringing local vignerons together from the outlying areas of Avignon in the Southern Rhône to produce delicious wines that epitomize the region’s complex terroirs. Kermit works closely with winemaker Jean-François Pasturel to develop the blend. Pasturel is thrilled to be able to have the chance to produce a Côtes du Rhône he does not have to filter to death. It is his tête de cuvée, his pride and joy.

Featured by the glass this week at Vino Vino…

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  1. That’s too bad! Really enjoyed watching the Big Game at Vino Vino last year!

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