Jeff’s Amazing Voyage to Italy: Tasting at Lageder (Chapter 2)

Photos by Linda Ryan.

We loved this photo that Jeff brought back from his recent “Amazing Voyage to Italy”: it shows how the unique geography of Alto Adige (South Tyrol) creates the ideal conditions for growing fine wine grapes.

Note how the relatively narrow valley floor (an ancient river bed) is flat and how the Alps “spring up” around it. In the summertime, heat collects on the valley floor, helping the grapes to ripen healthily. But when the sun sets, the high altitude brings the temperatures down, creating the classic “temperature variation” needed to make truly great wines. And all the while, the shape of the valley, running north-south, naturally ventilates the vineyards, as the northern breeze comes down the corridor from the northern Alps.

Jeff paid a visit to legendary Alto Adige producer Alois Lageder, where the winemaker projects images of live yeast cells on the aging casks (yeast is what turns the sugar of grape juice into alcohol). Classic music is played to “soothe” the wines as they age.

Why did Jeff travel to Italy in search of its finest foods and wines? Stay tuned to find out!

On deck for later this week: Jeff’s visit to Trattoria Masenini in Verona…

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