Jeff’s Amazing Voyage to Italy (chapter 1)…

Why did Jeff travel to Italy? Stay tuned and you’ll find out: we have BIG NEWS that we will be announcing mid-January…

In the meantime, here are some images from his recent trip to Alto Adige (AHL-toh AH-dee-jay, otherwise known as South Tyrol, German-speaking Italy).

Photos by Linda Ryan.

Geographically speaking, South Tyrol is essentially an ancient river bed in the Alps, a truly unique and literally awesome natural phenomenon. Sunshine on the valley floor in spring and late fall raises temperatures high enough for the cultivation of fine wine grapes. But the extreme altitude makes for cool summer evenings — ideal for the production of awesome wines.

It’s also one of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in all of Europe.

Spaetzle or spätzle, the classic noodles of German-speaking countries. Note the gorgeous yellow color of the pasta.

Canederli (in Italian), Knödel in German, bread balls stuffed with Speck (smoked prosciutto), the classic cured pork of South Tyrol.

Speck is both salt-cured and smoked, giving it a slight smoky and spicy flavor. Served here with sautéed wild mushrooms foraged in the Alps.

Stay tuned for the next installment! “Jeff visits epic winemaker Alois Lageder.”

One Response to “Jeff’s Amazing Voyage to Italy (chapter 1)…”

  1. Jeff, these photos are so awesome… can’t wait to announce the big news!

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