Charmat vs. Champagne? Come find out today…

The méthode champenoise (Champagne method, also know as the traditional method or classic method) was first developed in 18th-century France. After an initial, conventional fermentation, the still wine is bottled and then undergoes a secondary fermentation in a pressurized environment, thus creating the pinpoint bubbles of Champagne. According to European law, only wines grown in the geographical region of Champagne, vinified using the méthode Champenoise, can be labeled as “Champagne.”

In the 19th century, many winemakers began to employ the Charmat method whereby the secondary fermentation takes place in pressurized vats before being bottled. Most Prosecco and Cava (although not all) are made in this manner.

Come compare the differences of Charmat- and Champagne-method wines today at Vino Vino!

Taste 30+ Sparkling Wines

at Vino Vino

this Saturday!

Today, Saturday, December 17
noon – 2 p.m.
$20 per person

Wines will be available for sale through
our retail partner East End Wines.

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