Tribeza reviews Vino Vino: “Is there any better gift?”

Photo by Holly Reed.


Tucked along an oft-forgotten stretch of Guadalupe in Hyde Park, Vino Vino is a civilized oasis in a sea of restaurants amped-up on holiday overdrive. Step inside its warm wood paneling and you immediately relax. Cocktail lamps cast a warm glow along the bar and communal tables rest beside floor-to-ceiling wine racks. It’s like you’ve nestled into someone’s private wine cellar.

But Vino Vino is about much more than just wine. Since opening five years ago, it has evolved from a wine-and-nibbles bar into a wine-and-dinner destination. A few years ago, managing partner Jeff Courington hired Chef Esteban Escobar to create a full-service menu that could share the spotlight with the impressive wine offerings. So Vino Vino now offers a seasonally-changing menu featuring dishes appropriate for sharing or hearty enough for dinner entrées.

—Karen Spezia, Tribeza

One Response to “Tribeza reviews Vino Vino: “Is there any better gift?””

  1. Tara Griswold Says:

    Are you having any tastings before Christmas?
    We attended last year’s on the 18th.

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