On a “college budget” at Vino Vino…

Above: Sunday night Paella at Vino Vino, as photographed by local food and wine blogger Katy Morgan.

We just wanted to give a shout out to one of our favorite guests and local food and wine bloggers, the inimitable and delightful Katy Morgan.

Vino Vino, writes Katy:

is one of my FAVORITE places to go. This is no exaggeration, my dad will be the first one to tell you that I have spent far too much of my college career amongst the dark mahogany tables with a great glass of Beaujolais. But what can I say? The food, wine and service are unmatched and on a college ‘budget’ I can get a great bottle of wine and not break the bank.

Katy’s got a great writing style, she’s one of the few local food bloggers who blogs regularly about wine, and her blog is a fantastic resource for news and reviews of Austin restaurants and wine bars.

Katy, thank you for all your kind words! We LOVE your blog! Good luck studying for the LSAT! We’re rooting for you!


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