Sicilian Wine Dinner Thurs. Feb. 10 with winemaker Marilena Barbera

On Thursday, February 10, we will be joined
by Sicilian winemaker Marilena Barbera (above)
for a dinner featuring four of her wines.

Four courses prepared especially
by Chef Esteban for the dinner.

Four wines by Marilena.

Thursday, Feb. 10
7 p.m.
$50 per person
plus tax and gratuity

1st course
fennel soup
mint, tomato confit

wine: Inzolia 2009

2nd course
yellow tail crudo
olives, tomato, basil

wine:  La Bambina Rose 2009

3rd course
broccoli rabe, sausage, pecorino

wine: Nero D’Avola  2008

4th course
hanger steak, escarole
cippolini onions, tomato gravy

wine: Coda della Foce  2006

for more info on the wines, please visit Marilena’s site here.


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