Featured wine: 09 Pinot Noir by Abbazia di Novacella (Italy)

With a few months of cold weather still ahead of us and lots of great wintry “comfort food” dishes on Chef Esteban’s menu right now (like pork pot roast, potato, tangerine, carrots, fennel and duck breast, duck confit, sweet potato, grapes, natural jus), we’ve been turning again and again to an Alpine Pinot Noir by the Abbazia di Novacella (AHB-bah-TZEE-ah dee NOH-vah-CHEHL-lah) from the German-speaking Alps of Northern Italy.

The Abbey of Novacella is one of Italy’s oldest, continuously operating wineries, with roots stretching back to the Middle Ages. The cool summer temperatures of the South Tyrol are ideal for creating fresh, clean expressions of Pinot Noir, gently tannic yet with good body and rich flavor.

Abbazia di Novacella 2009 Pinot Nero, currently served by-the-glass at Vino Vino.

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