Best of Austin Chronicle 2010: Best Wine Selection

Congrats to the other winners and thanks to the readers and the editorial staff of the Austin Chronicle for calling our wine list the “Best Wine Selection” in Austin for three years in a row.

Best Wine Selection: Vino Vino
Best of Austin 2010
Austin Chronicle
September 3, 2010

Everywhere you look, Vino Vino is nudging you to take it home, like a sultry late-night encounter. But this won’t end in a walk of shame; the staff know their grapes, and their grapes are good. So good, in fact, by the taste, glass, or bottle, you’ll be shouting this name twice. Vino! Vino!

One Response to “Best of Austin Chronicle 2010: Best Wine Selection”

  1. […] Wow! A big thank you to everyone for allowing us to taste you on the first of the Barolo Friday series in our beloved Austin, Texas. First, I love to taste (only taste) wines early in the morning so I asked the hard working crew at the Duchman Family Winery to take some time and taste with me. This time it was with Dave Reilly (Chief of Winery Operations and Winemaker), Paula Rester (Events Manager), Monica Willey (Office Manager), John Dunn (Controller), Rachel Hughes (Laboratory Specialist) and Bill Elsey (Director of Wine Sales). All five Barolos showed really really well! From Driftwood I went to meet the talented Jaclyn Parrish (Austin Wine Sales) to taste these wines with some high profile clients. In Austin we started with Olivia Restaurant and ended the afternoon with Chris McFall at the Paggi House. Later on that night we stopped at Wink Wine Bar and ended with none other than Vino Vino. […]

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