Scenes from Txak Blok (Txakolina festival)

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to experience these truly unique wines and ciders from the Basque Country and Spain. And a special thanks to the inimitable Señor André Tamers who made the trip especially for this fantastic event…

André selflessly demonstrated how to use a porron.

Peppers stuffed with olive and wrapped in marinated anchovies.

Whole figs wrapped in jamón serrano.

Chef Esteban Escobar (foreground) with his lovely wife Sarah, one of the managers at Vino Vino.

The whole world is talking about Txakolina.

Here in Austin, we’re drinking it!

From left: Jeff Courington (owner, Vino Vino), André Tamers, John Mintz (Ambiente Distribution), and Kelly Bell Jr. (owner, Vino Vino).

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