Is the tortilla española the ultimate bar food?

Above: Even after the kitchen is closed at Vino Vino, you can get your snack on with a slice of tortilla española for just 2 bucks! The ultimate bar food? Come find out…

According to the Wiki:

legend has it that it was Carlist general Tómas de Zumalacarregui who, during Bilbao’s siege, created the “Tortilla de Patatas” as an easy, fast and nutritive dish to satisfy the dearth of the Carlist army. Although it remains unknown whether this is true, it appears that tortilla starting to spread during early Carlists’ wars. Other sources state that it was an anonymous housewife, in whose house the aforementioned Zumalacarregui had stopped by, who created it. According to that, the poor woman had nothing to offer but eggs, potatoes and onions, scrambled all that, which turned to please the general, who would later make it popular. Another tale is that, during the war Zumalacárregui was in the field and happened upon a farm house. He wanted a meal for him and his troops, so he demanded a meal from the wife there. All she had were a few eggs, a potato and an onion. Being under pressure, she combined all three making an omelette. Surprisingly, Zumalacárregui was pleased and he took the idea with him when he left.

You don’t have to be in the Carlist army to know that the tortilla española is the ultimate bar food. Duh, even we knew that.

Served nightly at Vino Vino.

Click here for the entire late-night Pintxos Menu at Vino Vino.

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