Blue Monday returns with Gary Clark Jr. and Mike Flanigin

THIS JUST IN: Vino Vino’s Orange Wine dinner featured in Out and About by Michael Barnes.

From the “you don’t know what you’re missing” department…

In case you missed the debut of Mike Flanigin’s BLUE MONDAY this week at Vino Vino, you have a chance to redeem yourself! Mike and Gary Clark Jr. (above) will be returning this coming Monday at 9 pm.

Where else in the world do you get the chance to hear Austin’s top B3 player, rocking out on a TRUE B3 Hammond Organ with rotating Leslie speakers, and one of the top blues guitar players on the scene for FREE? No other place than Vino Vino, Austin, Texas, ladies and gentlemen!

A NOTE TO THE LADIES: there are only so many up-front-and-center seats for this gig, so first come, first served…

And don’t forget Austin’s “great jazz hope,” the inimitable voice of Kat Edmonson on Tues at 7 pm.

Above: Kat Edmonson. Photo courtesy

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