Highlights from last night’s Orange Wine dinner

A special thanks to everyone who came out to attend this truly unique event!

Orange wine is created by macerating the juice of white grapes with its skins, like this 2003 Ribolla by Josko Gravner, vinified in terracotta amphoras. The skins impart color, flavor, and tannin.

Chef Esteban’s cooking was off-the-hook! His flounder with purée of English peas, baby carrots, and ginger literally received a standing ovation.

Chef Esteban used the disgorgement water from the 2000 Movia Puro (a sparkling rosé) to cook his pasta. No salt needed to be added, he said, and indeed the pasta was perfectly seasoned. Movia ships its champagne-method rosé without disgorging it. The wine is stored upside down, thus allowing the sediment (lees) gather in the neck of the bottle. The wine is then disgorged tableside in a tub of water.

Gary Clark Jr. ended the night playing the blues… on an orange guitar!

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