The super natural and iconic wines of Josko Gravner

Beyond the “natural wine” and the “orange wine” movements, there is Gravner — a winemaker you might as well call “super natural.” Already known for his eccentric winemaking techniques and his truly hand-made wines, he stunned the winemaking world nearly a decade ago when he started aging his white wines in terracotta amphoras. After vinification, he racks his wines to amphora and then buries the vessels, unearthing them when he feels the wine is ready to be bottled. A staunch believer in biodynamic and cosmic winemaking, he produces some of the world’s most iconic labels, including his 2003 Ribolla Gialla, which will be served at the Orange Wine dinner on April 5, a white grape grown in the transnational Collio appellation of Friuli and Slovenia.

Check out Gravner’s site to learn more about his cosmic approach to winemaking.

Join us on Monday, April 5, to taste his 2003 Ribolla Gialla.

Orange Wine Dinner

6 wines and 6 courses prepared especially by Chef Esteban Escobar

with Jeff Courington, owner, Vino Vino
and Jeremy Parzen, Ph.D., author of Do Bianchi
Monday, April 5
7:00 p.m.
$150 including tax and gratuity

RSVP by clicking here to email Jeff or call at (512) 465-9282.

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    The super natural and iconic wines of Josko Gravner | Vino Vino, Austin, TX

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