A non-orange wine that we’ll be drinking and disgorging tableside at the orange wine dinner

In case you never seen Puro by Movia disgorged before, it’s really easy to do (as in the vid above). Winemaker Aleš Kristančič makes the wine using the méthode champenoise but he leaves the lees and sediment in the wine (i.e., he doesn’t disgorge before release). You store the wine upside down in your fridge (using a cardboard cylinder that comes with the wine) and then you disgorge it upside down in a basin of water. The wine will be totally clear (as in the photo below).

If you’ve never had a “recently disgorged” champagne-method wine, you’ll be in for a real treat. When recently disgorged, the flavor of the lees and sediment is still fresh and vibrant in the glass. This wine, made from 100% estate-grown biodynamic Pinot Noir, has gorgeous citrus fruit and peach and apricot flavors, with impressive structure and power. Bottom line is this wine KICKS ASS!

We’ll be disgorging it tableside at the Orange Wine dinner on Monday, April 5.

Taste 6 Orange Wines (plus a couple of surprises) with pairings created especially for the occasion.

Monday, April 5
7:00 p.m.
$150 including tax and gratuity

To reserve, please call at (512) 465-9282.

Click here for details.

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