Orange wine comes to Austin…

Taste 6 Orange Wines (plus a couple of surprises)
with pairings created especially for the occasion.

six-course dinner, six orange wines

Monday, April 5
7:00 p.m.
$150 including tax and gratuity

To reserve, please call Jeff at (512) 465-9282.

Click here for details.

Above: Orange wine, like this Vodopivec (producer) Vitovska (grape), are orange in color thanks to maceration of the juice with skin contact. The skins impart color, flavor, mouthfeel, and tannin to the wine. This is the first in a series of posts on “Orange Wine.”

The whole English-speaking wine world is talking about “orange wine” these days. Even Ray Isle, senior wine editor for Food & Wine magazine has been talking about orange wine on national television (on the Today show, no less!).

While orange wines are made in France, Italy, Spain, and even California, most would agree that the epicenter for the production of orange wine is a transnational appellation that spans north-eastern Italy and southern Slovenia. In Carso, Friulian and Slovenian winemakers share a passion for both natural wine and for orange wine.

Here’s what top wine blogger Alder Yarrow had to say about Carso and Vodopivec:

    In the far Northeastern corner of Italy there lies a countryside that is better defined by wine than by any geopolitical affiliation. The far eastern edge of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia winegrowing region has been a member of many countries and many empires, and by now its people are used to living in different countries every three or four decades, it seems. The one constant in this area of small picturesque valleys and numerous natural limestone caves (good for hiding from whoever your present occupiers are), has always been wine, and in particular, white wines, some of which I will unabashedly say, rank among the worlds greatest.

    The cultural hub of the region is the border city of Trieste, which literally straddles the border between Italy and Slovenia, as do many of the vineyards in the area surrounding the city known as the Carso. This eroded plateau, which sometimes plunges steeply towards the sea, is home to many small winemakers whose families have been farming vineyards in the area for hundreds of years, while the lines of maps were drawn and redrawn around them.

Click here to read more…

Our marketing dude, Jeremy Parzen, has traveled extensively in Carso and will be on hand to talk about and taste the wines with guests on the night of our Orange Wine dinner.

Monday, April 5
7:00 p.m.
$150 including tax and gratuity

To reserve, please call Jeff at (512) 465-9282.

Stay tuned for more posts on orange wine and the people who produced it and why we love it…

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