Jeff’s picks for SXSW tonight (Thurs)

That’s Jimmie Vaughan, left, last night upstairs at the Continental Club, as captured with Jeff’s Iphone.

How friggin’ cool is that? Right now Austin is the center of the musical universe.

Here are Jeff’s picks for tonight.

Note that the pairings are also geographically strategic: if you can’t get into one show, try another. And if you see Jeff, buy this man a drink!

8:00  Jesse Frye @ Hideout
8:00  Jim Lauderdale @ Antone’s

9:40  Orgone @ Rusty Spurs
(this is going to be very, very cool!)

10:00 Cederic Burnside @ Continental Club

11:00 Gary Clark Jr. @ Continental Club
11:00 Guitar Shorty @ Valhalla
11:00 Court Yard Hounds @ Antones
(Dixie Chicks Spin off with Natalie Maines)

12:00 Kid Congo Powers w/ Pink Monkey Birds @Prague 
(should be very interesting!)
12:00 Grupo Fantasma @ Copa
(OK, local band that completly blows my mind!!)

12:45 Broken Social Scene @ Stubbs

1:00 Cracker @ Encore
(could be hard to get in, however, get the hell in!)

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