Crazy-ass unfiltered zero sulfite Cortese

Our marketing dude, Jeremy Parzen, is currently in Piedmont, Italy where he’s attending Barbera Meeting 2010, a four-day tasting of literally hundreds of Barberas. Here’s snippet from his blog on a crazy-ass unfiltered zero sulfite Cortese (a white grape of Piedmont). Note the winery’s logo in the background with the ass who is farting SO2.


The wine that really, truly, and entirely rocked my boat, was this unfiltered, no-SO2 added (i.e., no added sulfite) Cortese by Paolo Marcarini. The wine will be filtered before bottling, but, man, I could drink it, as is, every day. I loved this wine and the only thing that could possibly make it better would be if I were to get to taste it with my Tracie P. Some day we will…

Check out live blogging from Barbera Meeting here.

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