New PINTXOS menu at Vino Vino


The new late-night pintxos menu is served:

Everyday 3:00 til 5:30
Sun-Mon 10:00 til 12:00
Fri-Sat 11:00 till 12:00

Basically whenever the kitchen is closed

Olives $2

From the Wiki: “A pincho (Spanish; literally, thorn or spike) or pintxo (Basque) is the name of certain snacks typically eaten in bars, traditional in northern Spain and especially popular in the Basque country. Originating in the Basque Country.”

Tortilla with potato and herbs $2

Our late-night Pintxos menu is for those who need a snack with their wine after the kitchen has closed.


Manchego with peppers $3

Inspired by the bar menus in Spain and Basque country, our Pintxos menu was created for folks who need to get their snack on.

Mushrooms with saba, balsamic, and Madeira   $2

The prices are right and the noshes tasty.

tapas bar

We built this case to evoke a classic Spanish tapas bar.

Click here for the entire Pintxos Menu.

2 Responses to “New PINTXOS menu at Vino Vino”

  1. That looks great! I’m wanting those mushrooms… they remind me of the mushrooms served at gypsy bars in Barcelona.

  2. […] Esteban’s kick-ass Pintxos menu available from 10 pm […]

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