Orange wine dinner, Monday, April 5

What is “orange wine,” anyway? There’s no official definition but the pundits agree on a couple of things:

– orange wines are made from the juice of white grapes that have macerated (i.e., soaked) in their skins
– orange wines are neither red nor white in color but rather orange
– orange wines are unbelievably delicious

The “orange wine” movement has grown in recent years, with winemakers in places like Loire (France), Brda (Slovenia), Friuli (Italy), and Umbria (Italy) crafting high-end, lip-smacking wines that hearken back to an earlier era, when white wine was typically macerated with its skins during fermentation and modern filtration techniques had not yet been developed.

Want to experience orange wine?

Orange Wine Dinner

6 wines and 6 courses prepared especially by Chef Esteban Escobar

with Jeff Courington, owner, Vino Vino
and Jeremy Parzen, Ph.D., author of Do Bianchi
Monday, April 5
7:00 p.m.
$150 including tax and gratuity


RSVP by clicking here to email Jeff or call at (512) 465-9282.

The best and perhaps the most technically exhaustive definition of orange wine was scribed by wine blogger and writer Thor Iverson.

The dinner he attended and described in that post also counted Eric Asimov of The New York Times and femme fatale of the natural wine world Alice Feiring among its guests.

Even the mighty Wiki has braved an attempt to define orange wine.

Our marketing dude, Jeremy, has spent some serious time in orange wine country: check out this post he did when his band traveled to Slovenia to party with orange wineamaker Ales Kristiancic (above) at the Movia winery in Brda, Slovenia.

In the weeks that follow, we will also post about some of our favorite orange winemakers… stay tuned…

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