Boots in the Oven: Paolo Bea Santa Chiara tasting notes

On Friday, our friends over at Boots in the Oven posted some tasting notes on the Paolo Bea Santa Chiara, one of our favorite “orange wines.”

Photo by Boots in the Oven.

    This odd little wine, crafted as a white but then left to ferment with the skins for an extra couple of weeks or so, really appealed to me. It had a playful nose that wavered between spicy star anise and earthy tea, all with a bit of citrus in the background.

    Drinking it blindfolded you might mistake it for a red. Light stone fruits, a little caramel and lemon rind shift around a rich minerality. Overall though, it’s just fun. As you drink it you get the sense that the winemaker’s having a bit of an inside joke with you. If you’re ever feeling a little burned out or stuck in a rut, this is a great wine to re-peak your interest.

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Thanks Boots in the Oven for the shout out!

The Santa Chiara by Paolo Bea is available nightly — to take home or to open tableside — at Vino Vino.

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