More than $2,400 raised and counting: Haiti still needs your help!

Stand With Haiti

Thank you, again to everyone who came out to “stand with Haiti” on Tuesday night at Vino Vino!

We raised more than $2,400 the night of the event for Partners in Health!

We chose Partners in Health as the charity to give to because they were already “on the ground” in Haiti before the earthquake struck.

As a matter of fact, Partners in Health has been working in Haiti for more than 25 years.

The concept behind Partners in Health is simply: HEALTH CARE SHOULD BE FREE FOR EVERYONE.

Right now, Haiti not only needs help dealing with the recent catastrophe but it also needs help dealing with its HIV and TB epidemics — now more than ever.

Because of its longstanding relationship with Haiti and its work on the ground there, Partners in Health is one of the best NGOs dealing with these issues.

If you haven’t already given, please donate by clicking here.

Haiti needs us more now than ever! Thanks again to all the musicians who donated their time the other night and to all of the folks who came out to give and to help spread awareness of Partners in Health.

Photos by Tracie B.

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