Looking for orange wine? Buy it (retail) at Vino Vino

Above: Gianpiero Bea (right) is one of Italy’s most radical “natural winemakers” and his Santa Chiara is one of the most sexy “orange wines” on the market today.

A couple of our blogger friends, here and here, have recently told us how much they like the Paolo Bea 2007 Santa Chiara, one of the sexiest “orange wines” on the market right now.

We always keep a bottle or two in the cellar chilled. But did you know that you can purchase a bottle to take home with you, at a retail price? Yes, Vino Vino is also a wine shop!

Santa Chiara is made from a blend of white grapes (Grechetto, Sauvignon Blanc, and Garganega) grown in 100% biodynamic growing conditions (no pesticides, no fertilizers) and then is vinified using “ambient” yeasts (naturally occurring yeast). But the thing that really sets it apart is “skin contact.” After he presses the juice of the grapes, Gianpiero Bea (above, right) macerates the skins in the wine must. As a result, the skins impart tannin and color to the wine, making it “orange” in color.

This unusual wine is made “the way nature intended,” as Giampiero likes to say.

Take it home with you for $65 (available for sale retail exclusively at Vino Vino).

One Response to “Looking for orange wine? Buy it (retail) at Vino Vino”

  1. Man, that’s a good wine…

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