Top 10 Austin food bloggers

Say the words “an orgy of food, travel and other awesomeness” and we’ll bite. Add to that a superior knowledge of the culinary arts and world cuisine and we’re hooked. Top it off with a dash of the REAL culinary New Orleans… and we’re IN LOVE!

We were thrilled to see one of our favorite local bloggers, BOOTS IN THE OVEN, featured in the Austin Chronicle’s post on Austin’s Top 10 food bloggers yesterday.

Austin is such a friggin’ great bloggy-blog town when it comes to foodies and food blogging and WE LOVE IT!

Blog on Austin…

Check out the entire post here.

One Response to “Top 10 Austin food bloggers”

  1. Aw, hey, thanks! It’s good to be recognized by the Chronicle, and then by one of our favorite places in town! What’s this I hear about you guys opening up a biergarten?

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