73 sparkling wines for your New Year’s Eve!

It’s that time of year again: New Year’s Eve is around the corner and Vino Vino has 73 (yes, count ’em, SEVENTY-THREE) sparkling wines for your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebrations, in a wide range of retail prices ($18-$90).

Our top picks for this year are:

Brut Dargent Non Vintage Crémant du Jura Blanc de Blancs $21 (retail)

This champagne-method, 100% Chardonnay sparkler hails from the northeast region of France known as the Jura, on the border of Switzerland, where cooler temperatures and higher altitudes make for wines with bright acidity and fresh fruit flavors.

Sommariva Non Vintage Prosecco di Conegliano
$31 (retail)

A lot of folks prefer Italian-grown Prosecco for their New Year’s Eve celebration because Prosecco tends to be more gently sparkling and less astringent than classic Champagne and champagne-method wines. Prosecco is THE wine of Venice: do as the Ventians do and pop a bottle of Prosecco as the ball drops in Times Square this year. Notes of apricot and peach, gentle fizziness, and balanced alcohol. A great brunch wine for your New Year’s Day, as well!

André Clouet Non Vintage Champagne Brut Rosé (Bouzy)
$82 (retail)

Like all of the Champagne we carry here at Vino Vino, André Clouet is one of the great “grower” Champagne producers. In other words, he makes wine only from grapes that he grows himself (unlike the large commercial producers who source grapes from farmers large and small). This is a hand-crafted rosé Champagne with tannic structure and elegant fruit and minerality (check out the video of André below, walking among his vineyards).

Have a happy (and safe) New Year’s, everyone! Please note that WE ARE OPEN ON NEW YEAR’S EVE FOR YOUR CELEBRATION and we are also open on New Year’s Day from 5:30 till 12:00 serving full menu and of course loads of wine!!

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